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Kanji Tatsumi

Kanji's main conflict is that he's not many enough. In his free time, he enjoys sewing and knitting, but he is sick people (especially gossoping women) saying he's not manly enough, so he overcompensates and dressed like you se him in the picture. When we first see Kanji, he's on the news for fighting a band of bikers (and seriously injuring them) with a metal chair, but later he reveals to you that he actually only fought them because their loud bikes were keeping his grandmother (who raised him) awake at night. Most fans and Yosuke, however, think he's toatally gay because his shadow shows up in a bathhouse and talks about how he perfers men to women (see the above comment about women spreading terrible rumors about him).
His shadow boss is a giant muscley man who weilds two large male symbols (the <-o thing) as swords with a boque of roses with shadow-Kanji laying in them instead of the head to represent his overcompensatin, and that he just wants to be accepted. (I couldn't find any public domain images, so google shadow Kanji boss form if you want to understand exactly why people think he's gay). Once he accepts his shadow it turnd into a burly mech-man with a skeleton painted on it to show his new focus on the man instead of the muscles, and weilding two lightning bolts to show that he has overcome his need for overcompensation. Also, there is no boquet because the team accepted him.