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What makes good fiction?

As an avid reader (and lover) of high fantasy novels, I thought it would be fitting to tell you what makes a fantasy novel's setting objectively good. However, keep in mind that just because the setting is great dosen't mean the book is great. Setting is only one part of the setting, story, characters that make a book good, but I won't be covering those becase character advice is all debatable and story advice is often "it depends". For example, you shouldn't ever open any book with a large exposition (info dump), but The Wheel of Time does and it's considered great. A setting is much more than just a place, it's an idea. A good setting is so enthralling that people take it and want to try putting their own characters in the setting, just to see what will happen. A good setting inspires, so you should put plenty of thought and plot into your setting, but not too much, just enough to show a glimpse of the larger world that is out there.