A deeper look at what makes a good Persona game.
Persona Game: Persona 3 (fes) Persona 4 Golden Persona 5 Royal
Number of datable girls: 13 10 10
Number of men the fans think are gay: 0 2 3
Metacritic score(out of 100): 86 93 95
Use of colspan because I'm not sure how to integrate it into this table


  1. The amount of datable girls has a negitive impact on the game's Metacritic score. (It's definitely not the gameplay issues in persona 3)
  2. Metacritic scores games when they come out, so the gradual Metacritic score increase means that Persona games are actually dramatically improving every game
  3. The amount of men who are suspectedly gay have an intense positive impact on the games metacritic score (about three points per suspected gay man).

Also, I started the list at three because Persona fans ignore Persona 1&2. It is indeed funny, please laugh.