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So you want to be a Dungeon Master?

It's only the most stressful volunteer job ever invented.

"If you want to become the DM, first you must watch online video tutorials"
-Somebody Smart

Being the Dungeon master is probably the most rewarding and stressful job even invented. It's the DM's job to make the world, play as all of the supporting characters, the monsters, and make a story. "Great", you think, "why don't I just write a book?" Well, my innocent new DM, a book can't subvert your expectations like real players can. A book can't decide to side with the villian for extremely petty reasons, or ignore the plot that you spent hours making in favor of a random goblin named Gwizzlet that you just made up on the spot. If that still sounds fun to you, I highly recomend watching a lot of video tutorials on Yotube to learn the basics (see below). To start DMing, you will need the following.

All of these things can be found in the "Lost Mines of Phandelver" 5e starter kit, so it's reccomended. Notice none of those things require that you spend money, so you can try DND with some friends without spending a cent. I just think that's really cool.

Below is the first video of Matthew Colville's DND series "Running the Game." It's commonly reccomended for new DM's. The first five episodes are a pretty good summarry of how it works to DM, and it's worth a Youtube search.

P.S. Critical Role is the most famous DND show, and you can check it out here if you want to see how professionals play. (External link warning)