So you have no clue what DnD is?

It's easy, all you need are the core rulebooks and 70 sets of dice.

The Basics basics

Dungeons and Dragons 5th addition (hereafter reffered to as DND 5e) is the most popular TTRPG (table top roleplaying game) and it takes place in a high fantasy world that you create (or that you download the deatails from online) where you choose from 13 unique classes, multiple subclasses per class, and a metric ton of diffeent races (with a good system for making your own if you so desire). Or, if you feel like playing god, you play as the Dungeon Master (DM). The DM decides everything the players don't. It's the DM's job to make the world, play as all of the supporting characters, run the monsters, and make a story. The appeal of this type of game is in it's ability to allow more actions than a standard rpg game, as the DM, being a human, can improv to anything the players want to do. I will give more details on the specifics of the Dm role and the Player role on different pages

The Rules

Most of what I am going to cover on this site comes from "The Players Handbook", the only rulebook that is required (though there is a shorter version that is free online). most people suggest that you buy the three core rulebooks, but there are also a lot of expansion packs and modules that I will try to colcisely display in the following. (Note, I have probably missed at least one thing.) (Seperate note, there are lots of offical and unnoficial pre-written adventures called modules that I did not include because there are at least 30 official modules, but I will mention that the 5e "basic starter" is the Lost Mines of Phandelver.)

DND Rulebooks
Core Rulebooks
The Player's Handbook Dungeon Master's Guide Monster Manual Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide Volo’s Guide to Monsters Xanathar's Guide to Everything Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica Eberron: Rising from the Last War
What it does: Introduces the basics Teaches how to DM with good depth Has the stats of most basic DND mosters (or use google) Introduces a small part of the most commonly used world setting More Monsters More subclasses Magic monsters The basics of Eberron, a nw setting in 5e A political metropolis setting Talks about Eberron's ruins and warforged (sentient war robots)

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